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tao han


chief executive officer

ms. tao han is the chief executive officer of shenzhen oncovent biomedical technology co., ltd. (or “onvovent”) where she oversees corporate strategies, pipeline development strategies, clinical development of innovative drugs, and business operations. meanwhile, ms. han also serves as the chief business officer and vice president of shenzhen hepalink pharmaceutical group co., ltd., where she leads business development, corporate strategy (pipeline, new product planning and commercialization strategy), business insights and corporate communications.

ms. han has over 20 years of experience in the formulation of clinical development and commercialization strategies.

before joining oncovent, ms. han was vice president of corporate development at cstone pharmaceuticals; and vice president and head of corporate development at ascentage pharma. while at cstone, ms. han made significant contribution to the trial design of a lead asset for the treatment of first-line esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by building effective business insights capabilities for the company, shortening the asset’s journey-to-nda submission by seven quarters. during her time at ascentage, ms. han played an integral role in the company’s successful ipo in hong kong.

prior to that, ms. han joined abbvie u.s in 2013 as director, business insights and strategies of the blood cancer franchise where she oversaw global product lifecycle management and commercialization strategies for venclexta™ and imbruvica™, two of the company’s lead oncology assets. her work in business insights played an essential role for the indication expansion of venclexta™, and the formulation of the clinical development strategy for venclexta™ in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. for this achievement, she was awarded the 2015 abbvie global president award.

from 2009 to 2013, ms. han was director at kantar health in china where she led the drug development and commercialization strategy consulting to dozens of multinational pharmaceutical companies.

ms. han has an mba degree from the university of connecticut, united states.