hepalink is an innovation-driven international pharmaceutical enterprise

established in 1998 in shenzhen, china, hepalink adheres to the grand vision of “bringing hope to patients and creating value for clients”.

with vision and focus, hepalink has endeavored to build an integrated and safe supply chain, allowing itself to be the largest heparin api supplier globally, and the fourth largest supplier of enoxaparin finished doses in the world. in the eu region, finished dose of the “inhixa” and “neoparin” brands are widely commercialized. in china, the “prolongin” brand has become the second largest market brand after the reference listed drug brand. in addition to the aforementioned countries and regions, enoxaparin injection has been approved for commercialization in dozens of other countries and regions. the heparin whole industrial chain business is generating steady growth in cash flow for hepalink.

hepalink continues to add and build- out their full heparin supply  chain. mr. li li, the founder of the company, is a recognized expert in biosaccharide chemistry. he has led global r&d teams in the development of heparin and its derivatives at the molecular biology level, especially in the field of immunomodulation mechanisms. hepalink builds a scientific logic for the its innovative pharmaceutical development pipeline, with a focus on the r&d of cardiovascular and tumor diseases resulted from immune imbalance, explores and invests in the first-in-class drugs to meet significant clinical needs of decreasing the high lethality rates. hepalink owns the global asset interests of many first-in-class drugs, and the commercialization interests of many middle and late stage clinical drugs in the greater china region. hepalink's innovative drugs are tested effective after clinical trials globally, allowing it to achieve its global interests. more importantly, it will achieve its interests in the greater china region in the near future.

to expand its selection scope of innovative drugs and enhance its precision in drugs selection, as well as to accelerate the r&d of current drug pipelines, hepalink acquired cytovance® biologics, inc., which is a world leading contract development and manufacturing organization (cdmo) with a unique technological system. our cdmo platform boasts not only a strong microbial fermentation and mammalian cell business, but also a focus on the booming gene therapy market, gaining the trust of vip customers worldwide with its high quality and unique technology services, and is becoming another high-growth cash flow business for hepalink.

hepalink's future development direction pins on its global r&d, rapid transformation, production operations, marketing and a complete management system and best practices; its future prosperity is also boosted by its innovative r&d pipelines, and a high-growth cdmo business that empowers innovation.

hepalink continues to strive for “bringing hope to patients”, which has become a lofty mission for all hepalinkers.

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